Jadeite's Turbo Grafx-16 Page

Welcome to my turbo grafx 16 page. On this page you will see pictures, hear music & find cheats for some of the old time games. Enjoy your stay.


This is the Turbo Grafx-16 (Generation 1) was released in late 1987/early 1988. This system was the top of the line during the fall of The Sega Master System. This system featured 16bit technology which made for better game graphics & better quality gameplay. even though this system was replaced by the Turbo Duo in 1990, it is still sold today in such internet auctions as eBay & Yahoo! Auctions


This is the Turbo Grafx 16, Generation 2. (Also called The Turbo Duo) This system features the "in-built" CD unit for compatibility with the (then) newest games such as "Y's Book I&II, Y's III, Valis & so many more games. Although the Turbo duo is no longer made you CAN find it in such places like eBay , Yahoo! Auctions & Turbo Zone Direct

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